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With more than 25 years of combined development experience in the fields of media, search health care and business[frame title="Karen Shank and Mike Fahy created Phacia in 2011 to better serve customers in any field looking to enter the mobile application landscape." href='/i/thumbs/team.png' src="/i/thumbs/team.png" height="184" type="right" target="_self"], there the professional marketing and development team at Phacia knows what it takes to create a successful mobile project.

Unlike typical development shops, information pills everyone on our team — from the CEO to our in-house developers and content creators — fully understands the importance of keeping up with business and marketing needs as well as the technical side of a mobile development project. No surprises, no worries.

With the addition of social networking functions, an app can serve as a grassroots-level information source, as well as an immediate call to action to motivate potential customers toward your brand.

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