Are you Pinterested?

Yeah, surgeon that’s right, sildenafil I got the Pinterest bug, stuff or boarded the crazy train! I really didn’t think it would happen, considering I’m not the biggest Facebook fan (not that I don’t like Facebook, but I personally just never caught on to the whole craze). But Pinterest swept over me like a hawk swoops over its prey – or the train made a stop in front of my house and somehow I found myself boarded, and they slammed the doors behind me and took off.

It had me before I even knew what was going on!

Yes, I know that out of the 11 million plus visitors/users, 97% of them are women… I guess I didn’t have much of a chance. Was it the never-ending colorful pictures (I love pictures), the short comments you can make to someone’s “pin”, the “like” it and move on possibilities or the “repin” to your own customized boards? For me, it’s all of the above and a little more. A friend described it as getting a great printed magazine and seeing a recipe, decorating/craft idea, or a great fashion piece and tearing out the page for later reference, but this time instead of lots of ripped pages or magazines cluttering all surfaces of the house, you can “figuratively” rip out the pictures and “pin” them to your own boards for later review or inspiration. Why didn’t I think of that?!!

So with that being said, Pinterest is getting so much publicity (which isn’t a bad thing) and has brought the attention of some companies that don’t want their content “pinned”.  Pinterest has recently released code for companies to embed into their websites to block “pinning” of their content to someone’s personal boards.  Along with limiting pin captions to 500 characters in an effort to deal with copyright infringement laws…ah, the price of growth and fame!  

An excerpt from a post by Joann Pane published on Mashable states: “Josh Davis of points out that 99% of the pins on Pinterest are against the company’s own Terms of Service. Pinterest states that when users pin items, this indicates they are either the exclusive owners of the material or someone has granted them access to re-publish content. One of the points of ‘Pinterest Etiquette’ also stands to remind users to credit sources.”  The full post can be seen on:

So Pinners, please be responsible and learn the etiquette of “pinning” and don’t forget to credit your sources.  I would love to see Pinterest stick around for a long time!  I have so much more to pin to my boards!  :-)  Happy Pinning!!! [pinit]

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