Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you remember? Don’t worry, life I almost didn’t. I don’t really subscribe to the whole “Hallmark” holiday, but I find that if I don’t buy the card and at least say the words, I’m somehow going to…cupid hell?! I don’t know if there really is a place like that, but just the same, I feel like I have to play the game and spend the money. With that being said, Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Phacia and don’t spend too much money, but definitely give hugs and kisses to your sweetie today and everyday!

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Co-founder and CEO For over 15 years, Ms. Shank has worked successfully for telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical companies. She has brought this knowledge and success to create a new company, Phacia Inc., to address the needs of clients and consumers in a mobile marketplace.

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