We welcome 2012 with a new app!

The second in Phacia’s series of life-enhancing apps, physician Diabetes Alert, health is available for purchase on the Apple iOS App Store this morning! Happy New Year!


The app, an emergency and information app for diabetes sufferers, is the second in a series of lifestyle-enhancing apps from Phacia to help patients take control of their own care.

In addition to being a handy “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) app, Diabetes Alert also includes many other features to earn its place on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Among them:

  • Create wallpapers to alert others of your condition
  • Read more about living with diabetes: Updated information from trusted resources includes news, recipes and information for families and individuals living with diabetes.
  • Locate nearby pharmacies, hospitals and emergency rooms at the touch of a button

We think diabetics will get a lot of use out of Diabetes Alert, and we look forward to hearing how you use it in the new year!


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