A limited time offer that you just can’t refuse!

We are offering an opportunity of a lifetime!  Okay, unhealthy maybe that is overstating it, but we think it’s a pretty cool opportunity.  We at Phacia understand that it is difficult to choose the “best” mobile app development partner for your project and brand, but we are going to try to do just that.  If you choose Phacia to develop your branded mobile app, we will develop this project with minimal cost to your team’s brand budget.  You ask, “How does this work and what’s the hook?”  Well, let me explain:

  • Step 1:  Brand team would select Ph?cia for this project. (Simple)
  • Step 2:  Phacia and brand team would sign any non-disclosure/any contract(s) needed to start discussions.  (Yes, lawyers are always involved)
  • Step 3:  Once any and all contracts are signed and a minimal, agreed-upon discovery fee is paid, Phacia and the brand team would start the design stage/discussions for your branded app.  (Let the fun begin!)
  • Step 4:  Phacia would treat this project as any other project. We would spec and price out all design and development elements that we as a team have decided on.  (Snapshot into how mobile apps are priced and valued)
  • Step 5:  Once the team has made most or all the decisions on the design, look and feel of their app, Phacia will start development.  (This part is the “heart” of the app!)
  • Step 6:  We’ll continue all communications and updates on where the app is in development.  (Sigh, just a little longer)
  • Step 7:  App is in final stages and is going through testing mode.  (Need to make sure it’s “All systems go”)
  • Step 8:  App is ready to go to Apple for final approval.  (Ultimately, Apple has the final decision)

So I said, “Minimal cost” to the budget, right?  This is what Phacia would require:  We would require any expenses for travel and other out-of-pocket costs to be covered.  The project timeline would be estimated at the beginning of discussions and will be assessed during that time.

Okay, so here is the “hook:”

During the whole process of design and development, we’ll continue to keep you and your team abreast of the “cost” to develop your app.  When the app is ready to go to Apple for approval, Phacia will then give you the opportunity to continue with the “launch” or drop the whole project and walk away (and not go to Apple for final approval).  If you decide to go with the launch “best decision ever”, then at that time, the brand would be responsible to pay for the app – and oh, did I mention that all prior expenses would be deducted from the final cost of the app?  If you go with the “not so good decision” of dropping the project, then your team’s only cost will be the travel, minimal discovery fee and out-of-pocket expenses.

Phacia understands that making a decision to partner with such a new company is probably a hard pill to swallow, but we believe we are the best at what we do, and because of that, we are willing to absorb most of the risk for you.  Give us a shot; it really is a win, win for everyone!

Phacia is opening this opportunity to many brands.  We will be accepting ONLY the first THREE brands for this one time offer, so don’t wait too long: You could miss out on this Awesome Opportunity!  If you are up for the challenge, please contact us at:  http://www.phacia.com/contactus/


Thank you and good luck!



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Co-founder and CEO For over 15 years, Ms. Shank has worked successfully for telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical companies. She has brought this knowledge and success to create a new company, Phacia Inc., to address the needs of clients and consumers in a mobile marketplace.

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