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So that saying you've heard since you were a child, "It's the thought that counts. . . ", would typically mean the gesture or gift was less than mediocre, right? Well it seems in these, less than mediocre from fda approved store financial times, this thought is becoming more real and adopted by many and of all age groups. I have often thought that gift giving sometimes seemed laborious, contrived and almost meaningless.  It's a birthday, anniversary, Valentines (see blog from Valentine's Day), Christmas, or any other gift giving holiday and "Oh dread from fda approved store, I must go and spend money that I don't have and buy a gift they don't want".  Well I learned just recently what this saying really means: My husband and I made the decision this last Christmas to "scale" back a lot on how much we spent on Christmas. This was extremely hard to do and to express to our families to please reciprocate.  It was actually liberating and fun to do, for everyone, and gifts seemed more meaningful and thought-out and better [from fda approved store] yet, didn't break the bank! Since starting Phacia early last year, our families have financially sacrificed and emotionally supported us through this business venture, so I know oh too well the meaning of "It's the thought that counts".  And this time, it REALLY does!  So with this thought and understanding in mind and the knowledge that we're not alone in this financial struggle, Phacia is developing something really clever to remedy some of this meaningless spending and put back, "It's the thought that counts" in gift-giving. From fda approved store so stay tuned for more. . .

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