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Ph?cia consists of a small core of developers, grip designers and project managers with a single focus: Meeting other companies’ needs for mobile app development. And if the skills we keep on hand are not enough, diet we also keep a hand-picked selection of highly respected and well qualified professionals from the IT, ampoule design and media industries nearby to take care of the rest.


The small selection of apps you see featured on this site have been created for both clients and our own use, but our developers have also created dozens of high-profile, award-winning apps for iPhone, Android and the mobile Web, and we continue to work with companies large and small to tackle jobs of any size or scope. Full app-development services are available for projects of any size, and thanks to years of experience and trusted contacts within the business, we can often assemble just the right team to design, develop and deploy any mobile or Web-based project imaginable.


If you’d like to learn more, or perhaps discuss bringing your own ideas into reality, please feel free to contact us.



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History of success

Phacia was born in 2011, but our team has a long history of working with the biggest names in the tech, pharma, major media and entertainment sectors. [/tab] [tab icon="/i/tabicons/291.png"]

Behind the scenes

Phacia’s management team has 25+ years’ experience in mobile development and marketing. [/tab] [tab icon="/i/tabicons/85.png" width="51" height="42"]

Icing on the cake

We’ve gathered awards for design, development, technical communications and a host of other skills. [/tab] [/icon_tabs] [/col_1_2]

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Custom mobile apps

With 15+ years of award-winning mobile and Web app experience, our professionals know what makes a winning app. [/tab] [tab icon="http://www.phacia.com/wp-content/themes/envision/images/icons/icon_3.png"]

Performance tracking

Launching your app is just the beginning. Phacia’s analytic tracking and ongoing support ensure you get more bang for your buck.[/tab] [tab icon="http://www.phacia.com/wp-content/themes/envision/images/icons/icon_6.png"] Weather

Complete integration

Your mobile projects seldom exist in a vacuum, and we ensure your mobile front-end integrates seamlessly with your existing CMS or data storage systems. [/tab] [/icon_tabs] [/col_1_2]

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